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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

This page should contain frequently asked questions about games, problems and similar. The page will be updated with time, so please check it out before posting the questions.

Q: Should I bother awesome owner of this website with SEO and other similar offers?
A: You should NOT. But if you decide to do it anyway, your emails won't be answered, so go ahead, waste your time, you obviously have plenty of it :)

Q: I can only see interface and buttons but can't play the browser/mobile game!
A: Some browser / mobile games on this website are 3D and while 2D games will work even on very old browsers with exception of audio which was not fully supported back then, 3D games require newer browsers and hardware, so if the player is having an outdated browser that is older than 2013, it may not work as well as it does on the latest browsers or it may not work at all. Most of newer browsers auto-update, but if you don't have such browser you might need to manually install the latest version. For 3D games it is recommended that you have one of latest versions of these browsers installed: FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge. These browsers are updated often with new features and bug fixes to ensure you have the safest and most stable experience on the web.

Q: I don't see any Flash game when I click play, nothing appears on screen!
A: To run the games, you must have the Flash Player plugin. If you do not have this plugin, or a game is not appearing correctly, you should install the Flash Plugin available here, its free. Some games require Flash player 10 or later, some Flash player 11 or later, so if your Flash plugin is not current, the game might run with problems, or not at all. Also try using another browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE.

Q: I'm the user without privileges, can I play PC games?
A: Yes. After administrator has run the downloaded file and the game has been installed, any user can play it. You can compete with each other for a local top hiscore and then connect to the Internet and post the #1 place from your local hiscore to the global online hiscore to see if its the best score ever and earn rewards that are described on that page.

Q: I just see the game window border or the Windows game just stopped working without even starting.
A: The Windows, either XP, Vista or Win7 don't come with OpenGL drivers for your graphic card. It is you who must go to your graphic card manufacturer's site and download latest graphic drivers. Usually, OpenGL drivers are bundled with the rest of the drivers in the same installation file, but sometimes they're separated from the rest of the drivers for some old cards, so if you're not sure what to download and install, contact their support.

Q: The game is running too slow.
A: You must install the latest drivers for your graphic card and if that does not fix the issue, you must ask their support where to find and install latest OpenGL drivers if they come as a separate install. Also, and this is very important, you should close all the programs executing in the background or occupying memory. Invader Attack, for example, is using only 50M of RAM (your pc computer memory), but it may not run properly if you're running something in the background or you forgot to close something. This depends highly on your configurations and Windows version installed, but it is highly recommended to close all other programs before running the game.

Q: The game is not running properly or the game is not running at all.
A: If the game is not running you can check few things to make sure its not the hardware. Your system must meet the minimum system requirements. The requirements are very low, but some gamers make mistakes by leaving other software to run in the background. Eg. if you watched the movie and forgot to quit the player, there is a good chance its taking up resources needed by the game and results can be unpredictable, but mostly the game will just quit running or be sluggish. You should quit all the software that is taking up memory, using graphic card and sound card resources. This also ensures the maximum performance of the game.

Q: I want to purchase the game. Do I need to click the "buy" button on the site?
A: That is the one way and it requires you to type the serial number manually. The other, more user-friendly way, is to purchase the game by clicking the "purchase" menu option in the main menu of the game and follow simple instructions. In this case you don't need to enter the serial. In both cases you must end up on the secure order page. BMT Micro is an authorized resellers of games provided by CoderGames. CoderGames has nothing to do with the payments.

Q: Should I provide a game serial when using Contact Form
A: Yes. Game serial number is an important piece of information and the tech support will only be provided to those who have a valid serial number, unless you open a ticket with the same email you used to purchase the game. If you have other questions, you don't need to provide the serial.

Q: Do I have to pay through BMT Micro?
A: For PC games you have to, for Flash games licenses you can wire me the money through your bank but the delay in delivery will be up to 2 weeks instead of 5 business days. These kind of deals and work are usually custom and cost more money than a PC game so the safest way to conduct business is directly through the banks.

Q: I paid, but I'm getting an error when I press "verify payment", from within the game.
A: Normally, the game will auto-update itself once it has detected that the payment has been confirmed, however, I'm not sure exactly how long it takes for them to process the payment, that part is beyond my control. I guess if they don't process it in 2 days there might be a problem with your payment. If more than 2 days have passed and you suspect something is not right, contact me through my contact form with your details and I'll contact them. The only part that can fail is an automated notification system which should update the database and activate your game, but it only fails if your Internet connection fails first.

Q: I downloaded the games demos from some other site and now I see there is a new version of the game, what should I do.
A: The games are also available for the download and purchase on some shareware and download sites and some of those sites won't have the latest versions available immediately after they are released. Each game will automatically check if there is a new version available. This will happen only if you're connected to the Internet and it will happen while the game is loading. The Windows built-in firewall is in accordance with the game's secure remote connections, but if you have some 3rd party software installed and it does not issue just a warning, but is blocking the connection instead, that may be the reason why you weren't notified. In that case you must contact the developers of those 3rd party softwares and ask them how to allow the connection between your installed game and remote CoderGames.com server explicitly.

Q: I'm not able to post the hiscore.
A: Only latest game versions postings will be accepted by the server and can be posted on the Internet.

Q: I posted the hiscore, but can't find it.
A: Only the latest version of the game hiscores are accepted. If you're using older version, you should update it to the latest.

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