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Invader Attack 2

Invader Attack 2, downloadable 3D shooter with stunning graphics and visual effects, a Windows game for your PC.
(no longer available)

Invader Attack 2 is a very modern looking 3D top view shmup that exploits the power and abilities of modern graphic cards and processors. Constant intense action, aggressive AI, fantastic effects, numerous smart power-ups, enemies and bosses will ensure weeks, if not months, of fun. If that's not enough there is a set of achievements that you can fulfill in order to stand out among top 100 players. They are not easily achieved, I can tell you that, and will make even the most experienced shoot them up gamers sweat.

I've put quite a large effort into programming artificial intelligence and different properties and abilities of different types of enemies and to come up with clever and unique tactics, so you will definitely need to do some thinking and outsmart invaders and bosses. But I did make sure to make all the enemies not too smart as there are many of them with different abilities, often much better than yours, and there's just one of you. Still, all invaders are aware of what you're doing and will adapt as you pass each level. Hopefully this brings certain level of re-playability.

Invader Attack 2 is a downloadable game and as such it requires you to have an Internet connection. It also won't work at all if you're not online because of achievements and hiscore postings.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum: XP, Win7, 8 or higher, 2Ghz, mem 2Gb, Shader 2.0 video card with at least 512Mb memory. Internet connection.

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