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This is the place where all, free and downloadable PC games, that you can try before buy, will be. Games intended for casual and non-casual gamers, Windows XP games, Vista games, Window 7 (Win7), Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher, 64-bit compatible games. More games are in development, so don't forget to check it out again from time to time. You can buy games online if you like them, using credit cards through BMT Micro service.
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Tank Carnage, 3D action game with tanks for PC Windows.
Tank Carnage, 3D action game with tanks for PC Windows.
Tank Carnage is a team death match (TDM) 3d action game with tanks. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. In single player mode you fight one or more tanks driven by artificial intelligence of different abilities. All tanks have equal abilities and can endure equal damage, players can only rely on their skills and the skills of their teammates in case of multiplayer mode. Different camera positions can help during battle, there's also a fast enemy-side overview camera.

System requirements: Minimum: XP SP2 or higher, Shader 2.0 video card (anything made since 2004). Internet connection.
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Shmup God, best shmup for PC Windows.
temporarily unavailable
still in development
Shmup God the best shoot em up game for PC ever. Original mechanics, original features never seen before in any shmup, apart from all the classic features that are traditionally present in all shmups nowadays. Bullet hells are having original patterns allowing player to have different strategies. The waves and movements of enemies are 90% predictable as they are predefined, but still there is some variety present in the remaining 10%. Since I enjoy shmups myself, it's my favorite genre, I have the need to make things a bit more interesting with some random and unpredictable events. Invader Attack 2 was my first game with 100% unpredictability, the game in which all enemies have a free will and a unique artificial intelligence. Gamers who played it were impress4ed how entire genre gets more interesting with such a unique feature, so I thought why not make Shmup God just a little bit unpredictable. Constant fast-paced brutal action packed with wide variety of enemies, powerups, visual and audio effects and custom music I composed specifically for this game, metal/hard rock style, just the way I like it, hope you'll like it as well.

System requirements: Minimum: Vista, Win 7, 8 or higher, 2Ghz, mem 2Gb, Shader 2.0 video card with at least 512Mb memory. Internet connection.

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