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Updates for PC computer game Tank Carnage.

Latest update - October, 8th 2017: Tank Carnage v1.04

v1.04 (October, 8th 2017)
- Changed: many players complained about game opening a default web browser to show scoreboard, so I implemented all the features within the game, the scoreboard can now be viewed and navigated within the game, there's no web browser involved in any of it. Naturally, the actual scores are still fetched from my web server.
- NOT DONE: I didn't alter difficulty or AI. When there are 3 or more tanks you're up against on later levels, the game is supposed to be hard.

v1.03 (April, 8th 2016)
- Fixed: on later levels AI would sometimes fall into water (rare, it depends on density of destroyed tanks) and a new enemy tank would not be re-spawned.
- Fixed: AI would get confused and start attacking teammates.
- Fixed: score not being submitted if tank was damaged on enemy tank re-spawn levels (on level 4 and later).
- Fixed: clicking some of the main menu options would duplicate sub-menus.
- Fixed: options sub-menu was not working, you can now pick a tank type to play with (old or modern).
- Improvement: visual changes of modern tank type.
- Note: on earlier levels it may seem like tank is doing nothing, but that is deliberate, it's thinking longer than on later levels, because levels start easy progressing toward hard gradually, with each passing level tanks become smarter and more difficult to destroy.

v1.02 (March, 25th 2016)
- Player is now warned about hiscore submission if there is a newer version available and the game is not updated.
- Fixed shadows which were odd looking and too dark.
- Fixed profile corruption under rare condition.
- Added explosion lights.

v1.01 (March, 14th 2016)
- One variable was not initialized and the hiscore submission would fail if player started a new game after losing while being hit by two or more tank shells.
- Even though player had registered game account with a wanted nickname, the message asking player to do so would still be displayed when revisiting the main menu.

v1.0 (March, 9th 2016)
- First official release.

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