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Clowns' Balls

Clowns' Balls Construct 2 CAPX HTML5 game with clowns and balls.
Clowns' Balls Construct 2 CAPX HTML5 game with clowns and balls.
Clowns' Balls Construct 2 CAPX HTML5 game with clowns and balls.
(latest version: 1.0)

Clowns' Balls is an HTML5 game made with Construct 2 that is ideal for web browsers and touchscreen devices. Player needs to move drum on the stage and make sure balls clowns throw don't fall down onto the floor. It's a never ending game that becomes gradually more difficult with each new level.

Feature Highlights:

  • Made with Construct 2
  • Entire project available as CAPX file
  • Instructions included
  • Pre-exported HTML5 version available in a separate folder
  • Extremely easy to change everything, point and click, drag and drop simple in case of CAPX
  • HTML5 re-skin simple, 2 separate folders for images and sounds
  • Colorful graphics, smooth gameplay, sounds and music
  • Highest score supported through local persistent storage
  • Touch and mouse controls
  • Facebook and Twitter share buttons
  • Can be deployed to Android and iOS using Intel XDK, PhoneGap, Cocoon.io or free Cordova
  • Works on browsers IE9+, Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Edge
  • Admob banner and interstitial already implemented, can easily be disabled
System requirements: CAPX requires Construct 2 installed, HTML5 doesn't require anything.

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