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November 11th, 2010

Minecraft is a hype created by TIGsource scammers.

Changed on November 19th 2010.
You probably landed here expecting to read about my rage against the Minecraft and TIG. Well, I was wrong! But, not wrong about TIG. TIG sucks, big time and will suck forever! Although I've already said it all and apologized on Minecraft forum at http://www.minecraftforum.net, will try summarizing it here as well, mostly copy/pasting the stuff trying to correct all the typos.

Let me start by saying that no matter what I do now will ever change the evil I did to Notch and Minecraft. The game is a huge and complex system. I'm a developer and a system engineer and the tremedous effort that has been put into Minecraft functionality is astonishing! Amazing is the fact that its a game that is a system enabling you to be a part of it and to create your own system and creations. As a developer, I'm not only amazed, but also very impressed as I never made anything similar or even dared to try making. From my point of view the game is more than cheap, because it falls into the complexity of an operating system with a lot of complex calculations and sub-systems. Its hard work!

So, what happened to me back then. Am I a raving lunatic or just someone who had a small nervous breakdown. To tell you the truth, I'm not fully sure, it could be a little bit of both. Lets just be clear on one thing. Stuff about Alexa and Masons is true as well. I documented some of those, but don't wish to scare people more. Its scary enough as it is.

What I did was more than stupid. I did exactly the same thing others did to my first game on TIGsource forum. I was very angry at people on that forum and just had to attack the first game that was advertised there, on their home page at a time, and it was Minecraft. And I did that without thinking much about consequences or anything else. I'm sure all of you experienced rage in your life, a disappointment too. Well, that's what I experienced on that other forum. I was not accepted there from the start, while I presented myself as a new independent game developer expecting to be accepted in a community of other indies and gamers. While I received little feedback from gamers (they were very shy), other indies trashed me to the max. And when I started replying they didn't like my responses, they assumed that I would not react and just go away, making them look all powerful and shit. I didn't do that, instead, my responses were so great that they first just kept locking my threads leaving me without the possibility to respond and after I presented them with the proof of how wrong they all were, they just banned me!

So Minecraft ended up being attacked by me by chance. If might have been any other game, it was a random choice, nothing personal, just keep in mind that I had to get back at TIG somehow. And that's how I made the gravest sin of all and attacked the most peaceful non-violent people on the planet and I always promoted love, peace and harmony and even started my own game development site with a goal to create most peaceful, non-bloody and non-violent fun games. We need more games like these, why do everyone tend to support only violent games that promote hate, greed, war, aggression? What the hell is wrong with the World? And all that evil reflects on all of us. In a way, TIGsource's evil passed onto me. It was like TIGsource is satan and it possessed my soul or something taking control over me and my actions. I was captivated by envy, greed, hate, rage, etc.

Why was my acceptance by others on TIGsource forum so important for me? Read about it in the next news article.

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