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myWOT.com aka WOT or Web Of Trust, massive public opinion manipulation scam!

December 20th 2015, UPDATE:
MyWOT has been secretly funded by leading western companies to eliminate existing and all future competition thus protecting their absolute market domination. When Internet was still free, large companies were losing profits to smaller and medium sized businesses. They came up with a plan. MyWOT was born. It sneaked its way onto about a million of computers (true stats) like a parasite, like a virus, fooling sheeple with their free service, free plugin and whatnot. Now those companies know what you're doing as well, what you like to visit, buy, watch, do. Everything, they have your data, photos, documents, etc. I did my part warning you.

May 18th 2015, UPDATE:
Great day indeed, people are waking up and not visiting WOT anymore. By not wasting your time on WOT website you lower its rank, but we're at the final stage when people actually avoid WOT. The next stage would be for WOT to cease to exist. It will happen within a year or two. Companies failed, ruling elite failed once again, we should celebrate!


August 9th 2012, UPDATE:
This is indeed a great day, to see people waking up and saying no to another Internet scam called WOT, saying no to a new way of money extortion and a new layer of scum now known as Internet bullies. I particularly like the proposal of WOT abbreviation meaning to be changed to the Web Of Trolls. Sadly, that's what it really is and not what's advertised. We said no to PIPA, SOPA and who the f knows what other scams they're cooking, WOT is the most sneaky one so far, it hides behind the public in a classic illuminati-scam way.

A new forum recently started, you should join and post / comment if you're one of suffering businesses that are being spammed and scammed by WOT bullies and trolls. The more of us the greater impact the eventual lawsuit will have. Keep in mind that they're violating our freedom of speech penalizing us for our content and opinions, but in return they protect themselves with the same laws. The laws should be for both sides and working in both ways. I dislike Mindcrap game, it's stupid, but Sami Tolvanen, CEO of WOT seems to be a retarded adult who spends a lot of time playing the game, he likes to play with blocks, so my website must be punished. We need to stop the degenerate. There's also a question of how WOT "company" and their staff are being funded and can they really be funded in any other way other than money extortion, which is illegal and is very well organized and hidden from the public. Also, there isn't a single confirmation that any of the money extortion ventures of WOT succeeded (this is almost impossible to confirm and verify anyway), which brings us to the main question and that's who's funding them? Usually such massive scams are funded by people with the money and control who want even more control and have hidden agendas and interests. I call them illuminati, ruling elite, masons, but you can use any name you want for that 1% owning everything and all of us.


Last year, I was contacted through the contact page on my website by someone unknown asking for 2000 USD from me to boost my "WOT" ranking. At a time I didn't know what that was, so I told them to go and f*** themselves, seemed like a scam to me since the email was hotmail, anyone could have opened it. And who in the right mind would even consider paying someone unknown over the internet with some idiotic story, right? Then, after few months, I noticed incredible drop in my website visitors (40-50%). At that time I didn't know the reason. Then I had friends telling me they're being warned by Facebook when they click to play my games on the Facebook. I got interested to see what the **** is going on. Recently, I was told by a more technical people that I should join WOT website and present my case asking them what's going on. So I did it today and while the conversation was deleted by their staff, I managed to save it. You can read all of it right here:


I saved it because I noticed how manipulative and even evil they are from the conversation we were having. They are indeed masters of deception and manipulation, spreading lies all over the Internet. Web Of Trust / WOT / MyWOT, even the name is yet another manipulation to lure gullible people into thinking it really does have something to do with trust.

My website which is mostly a website where I put the games I make as my personal projects, either PC or Flash, for now, is presented as hacking, phishing, scam and unsafe to all the members of the Facebook and it is written that WOT is doing so. However, many people who do not have their plugin installed have contacted me saying that they see a message on the Facebook about my website being phishing, hacking, security risk and scam website, so obviously the scam is working as many people stopped visiting my website and playing the games hense the sudden decline in visits to my website. At first I didn't know what's going on but now after the conversation I had with them over their forum, it became painfully obvious that they're running worldwide scams and manipulations of all sorts, even extortion of the money, not directly, but obviously by some other people who are powerful and are able to down-vote a website if the website refuses to pay or for any other reason, for example, if someone makes a comment they dislike. You should really read the page on the above link, it explains everything. They disliked what I was saying so they deleted not just the page, but my account and everything else.

Many people don't even have their plugin installed yet they're being constantly harassed on the Facebook by false messages and who knows on how many other websites as well. They even made API so that other websites can join in on the manipulation of the public opinion. The entire scam is spreading like worldwide cancer.

If your website is suffering due to users and members of WOT down-voting your website, falsely marking it as unsafe, hacking, untrustworthy, etc. driving audience away from your website to their websites (a classic manipulation of masses by the ruling elite as old as human race is), please contact me as soon as possible. We need to join and file a lawsuit against them. I know that all the people who already have their plugin installed will not be able to read what I'm writing here, so the fight will be hard, possibly long, but nonetheless, we need to act and we need to act now! You must understand that their service is based on rating provided by mostly surfers who get off by rating other websites poorly and spreading lies and disinformation. Others are just gullible surfers who were scammed into believing in what WOT is advertising and they mostly just use their plugin while surfing trusting blindly in what the WOT plugin is saying without being aware that it's all to gain their trust and then manipulate. Keep in mind that ruling elite noticed how they are losing info wars so they found yet another way of taking back the audience, driving the audience away from independent websites toward websites that are secretly working for the ruling elite.


We're not alone, many others are going through the same problems, we just need to find them, join together in one massive strike against the mafia of WOT: http://www.ripoffreport.com/internet-services/wot-services-oy/wot-services-oy-mywot-com-sa-13b2f.htm

You should also check this website: http://complaintwire.org/complaint/d6wBAAAAAAA/wot-web-of-trust

Another update:

They actually returned the page, but with my answer to the comment that my website is not marked as phishing deleted as you can see and are now making a mockery out of the whole conversation with the "echo" comment. Wow, just how low can they get: http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/23208-codergames-com

I'm still banned.

May, 19th 2012, UPDATE:

My website is only a website where I mostly just put my new games each time I finish one and that's basically all I do most of the time as it takes almost all of my spare-time when I got some. But how many true businesses are out there who suffer the lies WOT is spreading about them. Some of the users of their plugin don't know how to uninstall it. I've been asked how it's done. How can I know how it's done, I never installed it. There must be a way. And, since their business is shady, they're spreading fast and nobody is controlling them, we can't possibly know for sure that some parts of it will not continue to manipulate or track you once you uninstall it. If juridical system of the ruling elite is protecting them, they must have some affiliation with the ruling elite.

The only obvious connection I see is that their administrator, the one that is the most loud on their website, called Sami is using a horned owl as his profile photo. Horned owl can also be made with fingers commonly mistaken with the "rock on" sign or "love" sign, because it was promoted as such by the ruling elite and then it went viral across the entire planet. They are obviously smart, cunning, shady and manipulative. We're up against such entities and they intend to remain on top of us, indefinitely. So we need to unite and go up against them and their establishment, otherwise they will divide us and take us down one by one. And one day we will realize what's going on and be sad because we didn't do anything while we had the chance.


I found this guys testimony and what he's showing is very troubling! It shows that Sami is manipulating data!!! Also we now know Sami's full name Sami Tolvanen. We need to file a lawsuit against him and if they do not solve the problem we need to file a lawsuit against WOT itself.

As you can see there are more of us, we just need to find each other, make a contact and join into one big strike against Sami Tolvanen and WOT. If you're not directly hit by WOT mafia, maybe you know someone who is? Please spread the word and make people contact me, I'll sync you and connect you with other people. The numbers are growing, I can't even imagine how many people there are if I found few dozen of them already in just one day!!!

Another update:

Wow, this degenerate Sami Tolvanen is the actual Co-Founder and a CTO of the Web Of Trust (WOT) and he managed to fool millions of people worldwide with his plugin scam. I don't know how he'll end up once people start realizing that he is altering data and statistics of worldwide websites to make them look good or bad, obeying his ruling elite duty: http://fi.linkedin.com/in/samitolvanen

Well, I know how he'll end up ... in jail. And look what that degenerate wrote on his website LOL: http://www.tolvanen.com/

I knew Finland is a den of all sorts of degenerates and freaks, I just didn't know they're allowed to do whatever they want over the Internet and get away with it, even becoming the ultimate deciding force of which website is good and which isn't, they're like the Internet pharaohs and we're the gladiators they get to thumb down or up, based on the level of amusement they had with us. I had a feeling this weirdo was getting off while we had the conversation over his WOT forum.

Here is one of the places where you can read some unbiased reviews of Web Of Trust plugin, people have very bad experiences. Of course, you will find idiots from WOT's website, as well, protecting their web of lies and scams. They call us a scam, but it is them who are scamming and spamming gullible people worldwide: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wot-safe-browsing-tool/reviews/

May, 20th 2012, UPDATE:

So, now we know what's it all about. And what kind of names are those, Sami, Timo, Esa, etc.!? We give those names to pets, like dogs and monkeys here in my country! I'm serious!

May, 22nd 2012, UPDATE:
This is the group that is slowly growing, we need to spread the word. I know it's difficult since Facebook is controlled by the same "people" that enforce WOT on them, but we need to keep on trying and never give up. http://veretekk.com/group/site_reputation

Here's another website that seems to have some information that has not been posted yet here about how you can find out if the WOT is spying you or not on your own. Now a word of warning here, this is for people who already have their plugin installed, if you don't have one, you should not install it, as it seems to be almost impossible to remove it later on, so I've read and heard. Similar thing I heard about the Facebook. Even if you contact them and ask them to remove your account with your entire dossier they won't really remove it, all the data is kept in pentagon / pentagram. They kinda scammed all of us into doing their job for them, we gave all our information to them so willingly LOL :). Some of us were smarter, we didn't provide a single photo or truthful info about anything. Sheeple did however. It's amazing how many people can be scammed with simple brainwashing TV advertisements, LOL :).

May, 24th 2012, UPDATE:
It's in beta, a lot of bugs, I was just able to register, join a few groups and post, but nothing else, all other pages like profile, friend requests, etc. are not functioning. They still got a lot to do, hence the BETA status.

It really is time to wake up completely and start doing some real damage to the ruling elite establishment.

June, 2nd 2012, UPDATE:
I've came across this nice and comprehensive article disclosing the WOT completely: http://dukeo.com/mywot-web-of-trust-review-modern-web-totalitarism/

May, 7th 2012, UPDATE:
I was contacted today by another ex-user of WOT plugin for browsers who is not able to get rid of it, even after he uninstalled it. The plugin just keeps sending data from his computer toward WOT servers. A classic example of spyware functionality. https://forums.mozilla.org/addons/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9895

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