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January 1st, 2015

I want to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all visitors and clients!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015.

Invader Attack 2 is currently 15% off, the offer ends in a few days. The price will go up a bit, so it's more than 15% actually, if you take that into account.

Shmup God is my latest shooters project. It's a shoot em up kind of game, known as a shmup among core fans. I'm really trying my best to push my personal limits graphic-wise and programming-wise. Also, graphics and cool features don't do much if the gameplay is not amazing as well. While I was inspired by Japanese shmups, specifically Cave shmups, I also implemented some of originality not seen before in any shmup. I want those to be a surprise and reserved only for fans of my games, people who purchase my games. The game will be protected with my amazing custom protection, 'a puzzler', which is currently powering IA2. I spent possibly more than a year developing the protection. I was at a crossroad at that time, what to do, to give up making more commercial games or to come up with a bulletproof protection. Since making games is a passion of mine, I decided to spend as much time as needed figuring out how to protect the game. If I hadn't come up with the great protection Invader Attack 2 would never have been released and I wouldn't be making more games. So, the original features won't be available in the demo of the game, will only be available on later levels which will be accessible only to gamers who purchased the game, similar to how IA2 now operates. If I wasn't sure that only my supporters would be able to play my games from now on, I wouldn't be releasing the games.

Shmup God will be a superior bullet hell shmup in every way, providing alternative original mechanics and alternative original open-strategy in the bullet-dodging area among many other original features. It's a full 3d game requiring a decent video card, not more than 11-12 years old (manufacturing date) since, besides my original graphic design, it will be using shader features that are only available on the video cards that fall within that time-frame. Same effects can be achieved on older video cards, but the execution would be much slower therefore the game won't be playable as smoothly as it is now, so 'newer' cards are mandatory.

Here are some early screenshots from Shmup God:

Shmup God screenshot 1
Shmup God screenshot 2
Shmup God screenshot 3
Newer: June 10th, 2015
I present a short gameplay video to you of my latest game called Shmup God.
Older: August 8th, 2014
I released IA2 v1.0 today.

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I present a short gameplay video to you of my latest game called Shmup God.
I released IA2 v1.0 today.

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