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Tank Carnage

Tank Carnage, 3D action game with tanks for PC Windows.
(no longer available)

Tank Carnage is a team death match (TDM) 3d action game with tanks. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. In single player mode you fight one or more tanks driven by artificial intelligence of different abilities. All tanks have equal abilities and can endure equal damage, players can only rely on their skills and the skills of their teammates in case of multiplayer mode. Different camera positions can help during battle, there's also a fast enemy-side overview camera. Different maps, some are plain and flat, some provide certain cover and allow surprise attacks, different tactics and strategies but it all falls down to being quick and precise with shooting. Game is having explosive visual effects, nice graphics, good sounds and will definitely provide days of fun.

To make things more interesting, starting with this release, I implemented a new username/nickname management subsystem. The old one allowed anyone to place any nick that will appear in the hiscore tables. Some of the players didn't like that, they wanted their nick to be unique and only theirs to keep. New subsystem allows just that. You will be able to register a unique nick that is available. If you provide email address, you'll be able to recover a lost password, in case you lose it, but it's optional, so make sure to write your pass down if you decide not to provide email address.

There will be two hiscore tables for this game. Once 1.0 version gets release you'll be able to compete with others in a single player mode and with version 2.0 multiplayer mode with achievements will be introduced as well.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum: XP SP2 or higher, Shader 2.0 video card (anything made since 2004). Internet connection.

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