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Shmup God

Shmup God, best shmup for PC Windows.
Still in development

Shmup God the best shoot em up game for PC ever. Original mechanics, original features never seen before in any shmup, apart from all the classic features that are traditionally present in all shmups nowadays.

This game will work on Vista, Win7 or higher, those are operating systems I provide support for. While the game does work on XP with latest service packs, since there is a bug in XP sound driver, the game will display error randomly and you'll eventually need to close the game. They will never fix the driver since XP is no longer being updated. I made a bypass, but will not include it in the original installation, because it's adding additional megabytes. However, you can still ask me and I'll give it to you, but the support for XP stops there.

There are classic features in the game like bullet hells, dozens of enemies on the screen, power ups, different bosses and surprises along the way and whatnot. Bullet hells are having original patterns allowing player to have different strategies. The waves and movements of enemies are mostly predictable as they are predefined, but still there is some variety present in the game. Since I enjoy shmups myself, one of my favorite genres, I had the idea to make things a bit more interesting with some random and unpredictable events similar to how entire Invader Attack 2 was done. But this is not visible in the first demo level, it's only available to people who support my work and effort and this effort was huge, lot of hard work in many different areas involved. Shmup God is just a little bit unpredictable so it's more suitable for gamers who expect to be surprised occasionally and not all the time. I composed music specifically for this game, metal/hard rock theme, just the way I like it, hope you'll like it too. There is a wide range of bonuses, some of them leading to various achievements. Other achievements require gamer to fulfill certain conditions.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum: Vista, Win 7, 8 or higher, 2Ghz, mem 2Gb, Shader 2.0 video card with at least 512Mb memory. Internet connection.

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