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April 1st, 2010


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Invader Attack 2
Shmup God
Tank Carnage

Ask on the contact page.

Ask on the contact page.


My name is Aleksandar Vidakovic and I'm just one guy making all sorts of video games. I love entire game development process, especially 3d modeling, music composing and, of course, programming part. I'm totally independent in game making and have nothing to do with anyone else. You could say that I'm one of those rare ones that are trully indie game devs not just posing as such.


Early history

Since I received my first computer, some 30+ years ago, ZX Spectrum, I instantly fell in love. While I was little back then and mostly spent my time playing games, I still saw limitless possibilities for creativity and that's what attracted me the most. My first goal was to make a white dot move on the black screen. It took some time, but eventually I did it. I was 7 at the time and that was the moment I knew making games was my destiny and that anything can be created, the only limits are creator's talents, skills and abilities. I was also very talented in the areas of art and music and made sure to cherish those as well over time.

Long time after that

Today I make games in my spare-time as much as I can. Sometimes I work for smaller casual games publishers and individuals as a freelancer, helping them materialize and monetize their own game ideas while earning some extra cash for myself on the side. I still want to convert my own game ideas into reality as much as I can during lifetime, it's what I love to do, and one must fight for what he loves to do. I made dozens of free Flash games of different genres and styles, during past few years, that are available online on my website. Invader Attack 2 was my first larger personal project, a PC Windows shoot 'em up 3d game with physics, artificial intelligence and whatnot. Shmup God is coming up next.



Shmup God short gameplay YouTube


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Selected Articles

Invader Attack 2 demo
It's a demo of Invader Attack 2 aka IA2. It's a full game which allows one level play in the demo mode. A player can see how the game performs on the configuration he owns. The game requires 3D video card that supports Shader 2.0 ftp2.bmtmicro.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Aleksandar Vidakovic
Programming, Music and SFX, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Level Design


Aleksandar Vidakovic

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