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This is the place where all, free flash online web games, casual and other browser games, will be located. Although all the games will be quality and fun, the enhanced PC versions might be developed if certain games become popular. There's already something for everyone. Fun games that you can play in your spare-time! All the games are free to play. In case you have problems with the games below, check out Flash troubleshooting and performance improvements page. Have fun!
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Cuberix, simple fast matching game some may find interesting.
Cuberix is an extremely simple matching game I made in 2 days or so. Some may find it addictive, I didn't, it gets quite boring after 5 minutes of play. So why I made the game, you're probably asking. Well, that's a bit longer story. Few days back, from the time I'm writing this, I came across some game that costs around 7 bucks, that's with the discount counted. I played the demo, managed to complete 8 or 9 levels and then I read how 5 guys worked hard on making that game and they'd appreciate if people would purchase it to support their hard work. So I played the game once more looking carefully because I thought I might have missed something since I just couldn't notice that hard work anywhere. Anyway I sat down worked a few hours and then continued working the day after until I finished it. So, to say it took me 2 days to develop the game would be an overstatement. It's true that I didn't start from scratch, I took all the graphics from the game I made before, like the blocks and such, and I was able to reuse some of the code as well. The core programming, the logic of the game and entire functionality was done in less than 4 hours. I was working very fast and didn't invest much time in the testing and debugging so there might be some hard to notice bugs.

In the game they did you destroy pills of different colors before they reach the bottom, if 3 pills fall it's gameover. I saw that as a huge problem as it's not colorblind friendly. There are people who don't see colors, so I went one step further making the game colorblind friendly. You can enjoy this game for free, the hiscore posting is working as well, which didn't work in their demo. And, also this game can be played on tablets and other devices with touchscreen

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Neon Match 3D, match 3 game with stunning visual effects and a lot of neon.
Neon Match 3D is a stunning fully 3D match 3 game with a lot of glowing and neon all over the place. Blocks are glowing different neon lights, there are a lot of visual effects, never seen in any Flash game before, nice music and sound effects improve the atmosphere as well. Many different bonuses if you are a fast thinker and clicker. Chain bonuses included. There's a penalty if you run out of moves, so you'll have to do some thinking as well. This is one of those matching online games you just can't miss. As additional feature there's a hint button included in this version of the online game, but it comes with a price. If you really get stuck, hint button will show you the way, if there are possible moves, but will cost you 1500 points.

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Fruity Match 3D, a classic Match 3 game with a twist set in a fully 3D environment.
Fruity Match 3D is a classic match 3 game set in a fully 3D environment with a lot of colorful blocks depicting various fruits. Nice music, colorful graphics and stunning visual effects will make sure hours of fun. Many different bonuses if you're a fast clicker and even faster thinker. If you're able to notice those patterns fast enough, you can finish the game in 20 minutes or so. Chain bonuses included, fast switching of selected blocks is possible, 5 in a row bonus. And, of course, there's a penalty if you run out of moves, so you'll have to do some thinking as well. This is one of those online matching games you just can't miss.

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Headix3D - fun 3D maze action game for boys and girls.
Headix3D is a 3d action set in the maze created by an evil Illuminati / Mason wizard. Evil wizard used some kind of mind control mambo jumbo on the entire village, all your friends look weird and behave even weirder. The magic somehow didn't work on you nor your girlfriend, so wizard kidnapped your girlfriend as he seems to think that's one way of controlling you without the magic. There's no logic in those evil Illuminati / Masons magicians and whatnot, they'd do anything to achieve their agendas. Find a way to your girlfriend and free her in this amazing exploration adventure game. There are various bonuses and achievements you can complete to make sure you'll stay #1 on the scoreboard. I had a lot of fun making and playing this game, it's a real gem :)

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Mind Match Deluxe, a 3D puzzle mind matching memory game with stunning graphics and visual effects
Mind Match Deluxe is 3d memory puzzle matching game mixing all the good and well-known features of its predecessors with stunning graphics and effects. Set in a dark and creepy environment, with fun music and graphic effects, it will ensure a lot of joy while you play, probably the best release so far, in the Mind Match series. All special blocks / tiles you encountered, while playing all other games from this series, are included. Some of them are in a different form, executing differently, but are still there nonetheless. I intend to make more matching games similar to this, but with different features and whatnot.

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