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PowerPaddle lite, free casual Flash brick breaking web browser game.


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PowerPaddle is a fun, fast-paced action brick breaking game with minor puzzle elements and many original features never seen in any similar game. While it may seem like another free Flash game for casual players, pro gamers will enjoy it as well. Top 10 hall of fame will ensure that only the best of the best are visible.

This is also an ideal game for players who need a recess from stressful work or just need an injection of pure arcade fun with little or no brain involved. You'll need to use your reflexes though and some movement prediction and often make a quick simple decision.

The gameplay is very simple. You got a paddle, there's a ball and there are bricks. Your move your paddle left and right hitting the ball so that it doesn't go past your paddle. While reflecting or hitting the ball you must destroy all the bricks on the level to pass onto the next one. Your paddle has different abilities which you may affect by collecting various power-ups.

This version of PowerPaddle is a lightweight version to minimize the loading time and the bandwidth. As such, it contains graphics and music of the lower quality, lesser number of levels and features. There is a chance that an enhanced PC game could be released, based on PowerPaddle, in the future. You must have Flash player 10 plugin, or later, for your browser installed to play the game without any problems. You can't play the game without Flash player installed. Recommended browsers are FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera.

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This is a detailed page of PowerPaddle, free and fun Flash web browser online game for all ages and the whole family. You can read the full description of PowerPaddle and then play by clicking the play button. The loading process has been organized in sections to limit the loading time and the bandwidth usage. The quality of PowerPaddle is balanced to provide fair visual and audio enjoyment and fast loading for immediate fun. The gameplay starts slowly, introducing you to the basics, and then moving toward more difficult levels and more advanced features. There are many surprises and hidden secrets to discover. It is not mandatory, but you should nevertheless, check out the instructions page within the game menu. If you're playing the game for the first time, you must enter your name or nick. If your score is good enough you will enter the top 10 best players. For all free Flash web browser games, only up to 50 players are kept in the hiscore list. If PowerPaddle is an old release it keeps only a dozen hiscore entries. You might want to check out other online games: platformers, puzzle, action, shooters, shmups, etc. Play games for free! Enjoy playing PowerPaddle and have a lot of fun! If you need original and quality Flash games for your website, check out Flash Game License section.

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