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Cuberix is an extremely simple matching game I made in 2 days or so. Some may find it addictive, I didn't, it gets quite boring after 5 minutes of play. So why I made the game, you're probably asking. Well, that's a bit longer story. Few days back, from the time I'm writing this, I came across some game that costs around 7 bucks, that's with the discount counted. I played the demo, managed to complete 8 or 9 levels and then I read how 5 guys worked hard on making that game and they'd appreciate if people would purchase it to support their hard work. So I played the game once more looking carefully because I thought I might have missed something since I just couldn't notice that hard work anywhere. Anyway I sat down worked a few hours and then continued working the day after until I finished it. So, to say it took me 2 days to develop the game would be an overstatement. It's true that I didn't start from scratch, I took all the graphics from the game I made before, like the blocks and such, and I was able to reuse some of the code as well. The core programming, the logic of the game and entire functionality was done in less than 4 hours. I was working very fast and didn't invest much time in the testing and debugging so there might be some hard to notice bugs.

In the game they did you destroy pills of different colors before they reach the bottom, if 3 pills fall it's gameover. I saw that as a huge problem as it's not colorblind friendly. There are people who don't see colors, so I went one step further making the game colorblind friendly. You can enjoy this game for free, the hiscore posting is working as well, which didn't work in their demo. And, also this game can be played on tablets and other devices with touchscreen

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