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Mouse - movement
Left mouse button - select tile
P - pause
Q - quit

Easter Mind Match is a fun puzzler with rabbits, eggs and whatnot. And there is also Jesus enlightening your way. Fun graphics, effects, both visual and sound, cheerful music and whatnot, it's a must for all players looking for something fun to play in those spare time moments or when competing with friends and family members. Plus, it's the awesomeness of Jesus all over the place. Game is a variation of the popular matching games series that incorporate memory and matching skills altogether. Jesus will enlighten your way showing you all the tiles for entire 10 seconds, giving you more than enough time to chain those matches together and keep on doing so, if you're skilled enough. You can gain a lot of bonuses by performing matching chains and if you manage to finish the level before time runs out, you'll get an extra bonus equal to the amount of time left. This is ideal game for Easter holidays or spare time.

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