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Level / Achievements

W - move forward
S - move backward
A,D - rotate tank left, right
Arrow Keys - movement of the top part, adjustment of the shooting angle
SPACE - fire

1 - default camera
2 - top view camera
3 - side view camera

Tanks a lot! is a free online game for all fans of tanks, real-time battles and strategic shooting that requires you to think and react fast. Tank you're commandeering is a very heavy, very slow. On top of that it has a slow reload time, because it takes time to put the next cannonball which is heavy as well. This free Flash game is a virtual battle real-time strategic shooter. You can adjust shooting angle, rotations and move your tank withing a virtual battlefield. Artificial intelligence will eventually start giving you a headache as it will learn your position, it will get more skilled and more challenging as you progress. The game is not easy at all, even though I made sure to make AI fairly retarded. Originally, my intentions were to make easy, normal and hard AI and then gradually activate each with each new level. After finishing and testing the easy AI, it proved to be very challenging, even though tanks don't move much. I hope you'll have a lot of fun blasting those tanks!

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