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Browser and mobile games (some sold with source code) Browser and mobile games

Memory Match 3D - match-3 3D game with cubes that tests your matching and memory skills at the same time.
Memory Match 3D
Memory Match 3D is a free browser and mobile 3D game that works on all modern browsers and devices including touchscreen devices running Android and iOS. You need to match 3 blocks / cubes with same face.
Car Rush 3D - fast car driving through traffic game.
Car Rush 3D
Car Rush 3D is a free 3D game that works on all modern web browsers and touchscreen devices including Android and iOS mobile phones. Player needs to drive through the car traffic.

Flash games of the moment Online Games

Headix lite, free flash platformer web browser game.
Headix is a free flash platformer with action and puzzle elements. Its a unique and fun game for all ages and the whole family. There's a lot to explore and discover. Save your girlfriend from evil wizard.
Geometry Hordes, fast-paced 360 degree static shooter
Geometry Hordes
Geometry Hordes is a fast static 3d shooting game done in a short time, then slightly improved to give a finishing touch. Still, a lot of fun for everyone!

Latest PC games and downloadable demos Games for Windows

Tank Carnage, 3D action game with tanks for PC Windows.
Tank Carnage
Tank Carnage is a brutal action 3d game with tanks featuring both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.
Shmup God, best shmup for PC Windows.
Shmup God
Shmup God is the best shoot em up game for PC ever. It has all the elements of a classic shmup game, including bullet hells, with addition of original features never seen before in any shmup.
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CoderGames.com is just me making all sorts of online and offline games and I'm not talking just about free browser games and downloadable PC games for Windows, but also various types of Internet games that can be games that solely work within desktop browsers and also mobile games that can work within mobile browsers, mostly done in HTML5. I'm an independent game developer and I'm making games for various platforms, not all are included on my website. I'm also freelancing from time to time doing some freelance software development for individuals and companies. Some of my browser games that work on modern mobile platforms like Android and iOS require WebGL or Canvas support. I also make Unity3D games that can work on even wider range of platforms and devices. On top of all of that I also sell source code of some of the games I made and provide support in a form of bug fixes which are included in the price. There are two licenses available for those games and apps:

  • Extended License - item can be used by you or one client in a single end product which end users can be charged for. (default license)
  • Personal License - item can only be used by you for your personal entertainment or for your personal educational purposes and cannot be sold by you to anyone else nor used for any other purpose. This license is 75% lower and can be obtained by typing PERSONAL in the discount code field at the bottom of the order page form.

Many of the games can be tested by playing the demo if one is available, if not, then surely there's a gameplay video.

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