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If you're one of my current clients you already have my other emails, but if you're one of the old clients / employers and you want to stay in touch, please contact me via current email you already have to get my others.
My name is Aleksandar Vidaković (Александар Видаковић), welcome to my website. I make all sorts of video games and hope you'll have lots of fun playing them, at least as much as I'm having! I also made many video games of different genres and for various platforms for other people and companies all over the world as a freelance game developer, so if you need anything, I might be able to help you. I possess a range of skills falling within: 2D and 3D design, 3D modeling, skinning, rigging, animating, programming, music / score composing, etc. Of course, I'm the best at programming, been doing it since I was 7, started on ZX Spectrum.
Tank Carnage
Tank Carnage, 3D action game with tanks for PC Windows.

Tank Carnage is a brutal action 3d game with tanks featuring both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.
Shmup God
Shmup God, best shmup for PC Windows.

Shmup God is the best shoot em up game for PC ever. It has all the elements of a classic shmup game, including bullet hells, with addition of original features never seen before in any shmup.
Memory Match 3D
Memory Match 3D - match-3 3D game with cubes that tests your matching and memory skills at the same time.

Memory Match 3D is a free browser and mobile 3D game that works on all modern browsers and devices including touchscreen devices running Android and iOS. You need to match 3 blocks / cubes with same face.
Car Rush 3D
Car Rush 3D - fast car driving through traffic game.

Car Rush 3D is a free 3D game that works on all modern web browsers and touchscreen devices including Android and iOS mobile phones. Player needs to drive through the car traffic.
Clowns' Balls
Clowns' Balls Construct 2 CAPX HTML5 game with clowns and balls.Clowns' Balls Construct 2 CAPX HTML5 game with clowns and balls.

Clowns' Balls is an HTML5 game made with Construct 2 that is ideal for web browsers and touchscreen devices. Player needs to make sure balls clowns throw don't fall down. Can be deployed to various platforms including Android and iOS.

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