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Headix lite, free flash platformer web browser game.
Headix is a free flash platformer with action and puzzle elements. Its a unique and fun game for all ages and the whole family. There's a lot to explore and discover. Save your girlfriend from evil wizard.
Monkey Business, free casual Flash monkey-banana-shark browser game.
Monkey Business
Monkey Business is a free Flash fast-paced arcade action game, a simple one, very casual, but also very addictive. Jump from one tree to another collecting bananas and avoiding sharks.
Match 2 or more, premium match-2, match-3 or more matching Flash online game available for game flash licensing, non-exclusive.
Match 2 or more
Match 2 or more is a unique free online matching game that will test your matching skills, memory and strategy, all in the same time!
Mind Match Deluxe, a 3D puzzle mind matching memory game with stunning graphics and visual effects
Mind Match Deluxe
Mind Match Deluxe, an exciting new puzzle adventure with stunning graphics and effects.

Latest PC games (see all PC games)

Invader Attack 2, downloadable 3D shooter with stunning graphics and visual effects, a Windows game for your PC.Galaxide, PC game, shoot them up for Windows, downloadable, free downloads.

Latest free online Flash games for web browsers (see all Flash games)

Cuberix, simple fast matching game some may find interesting.Neon Match 3D, match 3 game with stunning visual effects and a lot of neon.Fruity Match 3D, a classic Match 3 game with a twist set in a fully 3D environment.Headix3D - fun 3D maze action game for boys and girls.Mind Match Deluxe, a 3D puzzle mind matching memory game with stunning graphics and visual effects

Online games in development

Match Everything, free casual 3D matching Flash game.PowerPaddle lite, free casual Flash brick breaking web browser game. is an independent game developer with a simple goal in mind - create cheap but quality, original casual, non-casual, classic, retro and modern PC games, all downloadable and free to try, for Windows, 2D or 3D, as well as free Flash online games for web browsers, that are fun to play and for everyone, regardless of their age, nationality or gender. One of the goals is also to provide low-cost non-exclusive and custom premium quality Flash games licenses. PC games and computer games, in general, are less popular than console games. I intend to try change that, making original and fun casual and other games that run smoothly even on old configurations, if you have a decent video card, that is. As for the browser games, web games you can play within your browser, all you need for them is a plugin installed, link is available in the troubleshooting section on each game page.
As a kid, I had a habit of spending countless coins playing arcade games on arcade machines and, even today, I spend all of my spare-time playing various types of games. As I became older my taste kinda changed, so I find myself to enjoy playing casual games more often. Although my understanding of what casual is may differ from yours. I'll do my best to make unusual games, for all types of gamers with at least one original and unique feature. Regardless of whether the game is casual or not, it still must have the quality that will ensure days of fun. My favorite genres are shooters (shmups), platformers and puzzle action games.
If you need premium online Flash games for your websites, you came to the right place. You can find more information, a list of all premium online games and purchase licenses for your domains in Premium online Flash games section.
I believe games should be fun to play, quality and cheap, easy to get the hang of, basically start playing short after the download and that players should feel restful after the play is over. Something you can play for a couple of levels in your spare-time, during work breaks or on the public transportation (on your notebook / laptop), quit anytime you want and then resume next time you get the chance without the need of continuous saving and loading. Still, some adrenaline can't hurt much and action and fair artificial intelligence are one of the goals as well. Personally, I prefer playing games that remind me of old games like Space Invaders, Galaxian and similar. Such games are always fun to play in spare time, they don't put a lot of pressure on the player and have a certain charm that won't ever fade away. I'm going to do my best and try to maintain the retro style as well as try to develop modern games, with advanced graphics, animations, music, sound and original, sometimes unusual features. Casual and other fun is guaranteed!
Please visit the games section for casual games and other games free downloads. You can buy games online. The contact page and support area are working so please don't hesitate to post anything if you have any questions, problems or you notice something not working properly. I'm also very open to suggestions and always eager to improve, after all, this site is intended to entertain and to make people have fun and if you want some features included in the next game release, that are not present already, make sure you provide a detailed description of it. You may also join the forum, but new accounts need approval which is done only once a week, usually during weekends. Have fun!