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Shmup God, best shmup for PC Windows.
Shmup God
Shmup God is the best shoot em up game for PC ever. It has all the elements of a classic shmup game, including bullet hells, with addition of original features never seen before in any shmup.
Invader Attack 2, downloadable 3D shooter with stunning graphics and visual effects, a Windows game for your PC.
Invader Attack 2
Invader Attack 2 is a top down 3D space shooter, shoot them up (shmup) with constant fast-paced action. An arcade game with a lot of powerups and wide range of smart and less smart enemies and stunning visual graphics.
RemBlox, premium Flash online game available for licensing.
RemBlox is a fast-paced constant action puzzle logic free online game with blocks. If you love Tetris, you'll love this game.
Vertiblox, Flash 11, Stage3D, Molehill 3d puzzle action game, available for Game Flash License, non-exclusive licensing.
VertiBlox is an original and unique 3D Flash game, an action puzzle for everyone!
SpeedFighter, 3D action shooter with obstacles, a free shmup for everyone.
SpeedFighter, casual 3d skill and fast action shooting game for all types of players!
Monkey Business 2 - casual banana catching game with monkeys, set in a tropical environment.
Monkey Business 2
Monkey Business 2 is a casual 3d online flash game with monkeys. is just me making all sorts of games. I'm an independent game developer with a simple goal in mind - create as many shmups, rpgs, action and puzzle PC games and free online browser games. However, there's nothing simple about the games as I tend to make high quality and interesting games, even though there are a few prototypes that I never got to finish, instead decided to release them as they are.