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Headix lite, free flash platformer web browser game.
(latest version: 1.0)

Headix is a platformer with action and puzzle elements. Its a unique and fun game for all ages. There's a lot to explore and discover. Save your girlfriend from an evil wizard. This is a lite Free flash web browser version of the game you can play any time you want. There are many places and features to discover in the game, hidden secrets and bonuses. Its up to you to save the village and your fellow villagers. Each level has an exit door, but before you can reach it, you must pass several sub-levels by turning the switches on. Those switches open the trapdoors that are closed by default. Beautiful colorful graphics, cool music and sound effects, challenging fellow villagers, online hiscore and much more. Compete with gamers all over the world and place your name on the top 10 chart. Ideal game for platformer fans, but could also be interesting to casual players. It is played with the keyboard and it does require some time to get used to and to discover all you can do, but its worth as it will provide hours of fun.


P - pause
Q - quit

How to play instructions for free Flash web browser game called Headix.

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