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Invader Attack Survival

Free shooting Flash game, Invader Attack Survival, fast-paced shmup game with 3D top view.
(latest version: 1.0)

Invader Attack Survival is not a casual game. It's an extreme shooter, shoot-them-up, vertical scroller with constant fast-paced action, explosive effects and metal music. This game is a subset of a popular game for PC computer Windows, available for free demo download on this website. Since it's a Flash game, the game itself is of a much lower quality in comparison with the big brother, but will, nonetheless, provide hours of fun for every true shmup fan. How long can you survive? Top 10 chart is there for you to prove. Maybe the game would be more interesting if I would tell you that there are zombies in those spacecrafts that are attacking you?


P - pause
Q - quit
cursor keys = movement
CTRL - fire

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