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VertiBlox 2

VertiBlox 2, puzzle action with blocks, 3D action game for Flash 11 aka Stage3D aka Molehill.
(latest version: 1.0)

VertiBlox 2 is a fast-pace 3D puzzle action game with blocks and various rules that put your brain at test. If you didn't like the predecessor, you will definitely love this sequel. More rules, more punch, more kick, more space. Blocks are falling in groups of 3 this time and you can rearrange them as they fall down onto the platform. You can remove just about any combination of 3 or more blocks of the same type, whether they're matched horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can even make combo bonuses if you manage to chain matches sequentially. I listened to what you were saying, your dislikes of the previous release and made sure this time, it'll be a real hit. Eye-candy special effects included. It is a fully 3D game made for Flash 11 aka Stage3D or Molehill with more space to maneuver, more combinations to make, more thinking to do and the controls are now moved fully to keyboard. If you're casual and looking for something simple, this is not the game for you, you should play the predecessor.


P - pause
Q - quit
left/right arrow = move platform left/right
down arrow = drop falling blocks
up arrow = arrange falling blocks

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